DCF Response to UCI’s rejection of its Gifts

DCF Response to UCI’s rejection of its Gifts

The UCI School of Humanities’ Ad hoc Committee (Download report) and the Humanities Executive Committee (Download Statement) have acted hastily to reject the gifts from Dharma Civilization Foundation, without any consultation with the donors. In part they have cited procedural issues; In part they have openly questioned the legitimacy of the Foundation. Whatever be their intentions, they have not advanced the cause of civil discourse.

On behalf of the many hundreds of donors from the Hindu Community who contributed and participated in the opportunity to endow these Chairs at the University of California’s school of humanities, the Board of Trustees of Dharma Civilization Foundation, wish to express their anguish and deep disappointment both at the unilateral decision to reject these chairs, and the manner in which this decision was wrought. DCF is deeply disappointed by the fact that a university which claims to respect diversity, academic freedom and enjoys the goodwill of a substantial number of Indian and Indian American students and alums would buckle so easily under the pressure of an orchestrated, highly politicized campaign and treat a major gift initiative from the community with such discourtesy and disdain.

Dharma Civilization Foundation cannot be faulted for the Ad hoc Committee’s belated discovery of supposed flaws in its internal gift-acceptance mechanisms and its consequent rejection of a gift agreement signed into effect by the President of UCI, well over 6 months ago. DCF has been very civil in trusting the UCI Administration to guide the Foundation in following whatever protocols were necessary in securing consensus for these gifts, among the various stakeholders within UCI. It is one thing to say that the intentions of the Dharma Civilization Foundation are incompatible with the academic objectives of the UCI School of Humanities. DCF would have been happy to walk away from UCI, and look elsewhere for an institution that would be better aligned with DCF’s objective of expanding and supporting under-represented areas of teaching and research on Hindu Studies and Dharma Studies. It is however entirely another to engage in an orchestrated campaign of slander and libel designed to delegitimize the Foundation, and ensure that the efforts of gift giving by the Hindu Community to the UCI are shut down without even a semblance of constructive dialog and engagement.

The overwhelming message that the Faculty members behind the public petitions, and highly prejudicial open letter, have delivered is that the Hindus are not welcome to participate at the academic table. We have to wonder, what indeed is the academic freedom that these Faculty members are defending? Is it the freedom to accuse, abuse and slander freely and without any check? Why single out the Hindu American community when Religious Studies Chairs and Centers are currently funded, as a norm, by various religious communities with diverse viewpoints? Why so much irrational hostility towards the Hindu community? The many hundreds of American donors of Indian origin who came forward with contributions to make these chairs possible, did not deserve to be smeared and disenfranchised in this way.

We wish to reassure the community of volunteers and donors that DCF will continue its fight for the rights of the Hindu and Dharma communities to support, without fear of prejudice or slander, the respectful study of their own cultures and philosophies in the American higher education system as has been the case with every other major religious and racial minority group in America.

About the author

Kalyan Viswanathan is the Executive Vice President of Dharma Civilization Foundation. He holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Ohio State University and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS, Pilani). He is a student of Swami Dayananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, with whom he underwent extensive study of Advaita Vedanta in the tradition of Adi Shankara. He is also the President of Sanatana Dharma Foundation, Dallas, Texas


Time has come to build a world class university by Hindu community itself including studies covering all aspects of human life in Dharmic perspective and show the result to these intolerant universities who claims non-discrimination and freedom. We already did in past in Nalanda & Takshashila. Also this will be great service to the Humanity for sure.

We should utilize this money in more efficient way rather then feeding crocodiles. Fund and support people like Rajiv Malhotra who has been doing excellent job in exposing these kind of people. You are already aware of his best selling books “Breaking India”, “Being Different” and “Indra’s Net”. He has come out with his new book “The Battle for Sanskrit”, a must read.

I am very sure this money will go long way and will produce much better results if partnered with Rajiv Malhotra. Please do a favor to the donors by utilizing this money for proper cause.

Dear Shri Kalyan ji,
Sorry to hear about this dispute with UCI.
I have a question, if you don’t take it personally, please.
If anyone at DCF can decode the ‘pre- requistes and the art of danam’ as per our Dharma shastras, please get back to me.
Here is the verse:
कुपात्र को दान जु दियो, जान्णु रैंन अंधेरी चौर जो लियो I
चौर जो लायकेर भाकर चड्डिया, के जिव्डा ते कीन्ह दियो II
– सब्दवाणी 1485 A.D.
Thank you.
Kailash Chandra, PhD

Mr Altman EVP of DCF can’t see what harm they are doing by supporting the crocodiles?He and other members of DCF are so well educated,can’t they see the work of Rajiv Malhotra?
They are so much blinded by getting praise by UCI.It is good to fight for discrimination but never realised that since long RM is telling them how to fight against this by not giving Adhikar to those scholars who do not have spirit to understand Dharm.Western Indologist(mostly) are trying to demean the Sanatan Dharm.They can’t dare do it to Islam.Hindus are not aggressive so they are soft target.
DCF people should understand the politics and support RM for establishing chair for Indic studies in India.Hindus do not lack talent.They require guidance and proper opportunities in India to these studies.Indic studies should be done by Hindus like Chinese,Muslim,Japanese etc do their own and not others.Every body knows what Christians and Muslims have done to Indian narrative over so many hundred years.
We should come out of slave mentality.Should realise and value Hindu intellect.

Funding these universities and/or colleges is nothing but bowing down to white so called secularist. Almost all Indian professors have progressed because they were more than happy to agree with the white (Jew) boss. It was always self over ethics/morality.

I learned this the hard way after several years of solid observation. I consider Navin Doshi, Bhupesh Parikh, Dr. Nitin Shah as my friends.

So the question is how do we project the ‘right’ culture of great Hindu philosophy. My answer is to work with people like Rajiv Malhotra and help produce 10 more Rajivs in next 5 years. I wish you Good Luck.

What a sad day for all concerned. I am impressed how Mr. Viswanathan kept a civil tongue as he clearly expressed the disappointment of many. The California I left in 1961 has changed in many ways, not all of them have been improvements. I like to think there may be over universities with more thoughtful scholars. When Thomas Jefferson wanted to read the Bhagavad-Gita, he had to first learn Sanskrit; I suspect he would have been grateful for a similar offer at his University of Virginia.

If the donors cannot have a say in it why should they give the money? almost all such chairs are actually producing a workforce to tarnish the civilization which gave a lot to the humanity. May be consider giving it to a University in our “Good old BhAratHam” for some research work on the languages specially SamskRutham.

This is a very disheartening outcome. But what next? At this stage ,an information campaign to educate all those concerned like Indian students association, faculty of Indian origin and other associates is required. When truth about the misleading initiative of few is revealed, then the UCI dept. be requested to reconsider. Otherwise move to another similar educational establishment. Congratulations for the GTU chair. Community will support this just and overdue need for study/research into Hindu dharmic subjects. Wish you all the best in this endeavors.

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